Vacation 2005

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The Process



Art casting

I do cire-perdue (lost wax) castings of art and crafts. The mould is made as a ceramic shell. Castings are made in bronze and aluminium but also in non-metal like concrete etc.

Cire perdue is French and means lost wax.

First a positive wax model is made. The model can either be cast for example in a plaster mould or be directly modelled in wax. The wax model is equipped with a system of wax bars and a funnel that later will become the pouring gate for bronze and for air to escape. The model is now covered with a refractory investment. When the investment have hardened, dried and become a mould it is turned up side down and heated up. The wax model will now melt out of the mould and get lost (from this comes the name, cire-perdue). In the cavity, formed by the wax model, the melted metal is poured in. When the mould is cooled down it will be broken and the bronze sculpture is cut lose, cleaned and finished by filing, patinated etc.

I also work with scaling of sculptures, making moulds for glass casting and repairing of sculpture etc.